Thursday 6 June 2013

Sara and Jon's wedding and Allt Yr Ynys

As i started out for the day i went through my usual routine, Cameras, lenses cards battery's all charged lights and so on. Basically i have to have cards and a camera and the rest is in the bag. So this was all ok and ready. I checked my notes for the day, among the usual times names and i saw the word surprise, there where 3 things the bride didnt know about one a VW camper in cream and a matching VW beetle softop. So all easy but just dont say the VW is here!!!

A new Venue for me Allt Yr Ynys 

Located in South Hertfordshire just North of Abergavenny, The first visit for me and I was looking forward to it, its always a joy and challenge to have a new location to work at. It turned out to be fantastic the staff and service was really excellent and its a great location with magnificent views of the Black mountains not 1 mile away. Right on the river Mono I believe, which as the couple are into canoeing of course featured in my pictures.

Well I managed to keep my lips sealed and they saw cars out of the window. The day ran smoothly with plenty of sun, and unexpected warmth for this time of year.

Some of my favorite images from the day, from the church at Kentchurch to energetic dancing later on.

Cars from

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