Friday 7 June 2013

Claire and Ed Hope Mansell Herefordshire

Looking out of the window on Saturday I thought this has to be one of the most perfect days this year, the blossom although late was just about out the leaves too and the sun shone. Until I stepped outside into the coldest wind from the west I have experienced since February.

The Church is the prettiest I have been in for some time, tiny and very cosy, especially with the full wedding party, which with some extra chairs did fit in comfortably. A half day for me so no evening shots, a rarity these days.

Just the groups  and couple shots out of the wind and a few at the church from the view point and then we will be in time for them to sit. Well? All went to plan as they mingled in the delightful sun with a glass of bubbly, after a little time for a good chat I arranged them all for the group shot, in there own orchard, and the rain came, only light ish!!  (you will see everyone sheltering below) a 20 min break was needed so some time for Claire to to and warm up, I was sure I was about to freeze her to death as we whizzed through their pictures up the Hill round the church and back the wind seemed relentless even with my suit jacket firmly done up it was all a bitterly cold.

The pictures came out as if on a bright sunny day so they did a great job and apparently Claire warmed up and had a cracking wedding party.

Flowers by thoughfulflowers of Ludlow Shropshire

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