Wednesday 19 January 2011

Homme House makeup by Kate Kelvin

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After quite some time thinking about adding a blog and a very busy 2010 I have finally managed to get around to it. A big welcome to anyone who is looking for any information about me and indeed more importantly for this blog, suppliers and venues I have been to and met.

In the following weeks and months to come I will be adding a selection of illustrated  brief articles on weddings I have covered as well and any information I feel may be relevant.

I am hoping that although this is a showcase for my work, it will also, along with venues and suppliers websites give you a broader range on images and information which will hopefully help you in making those all important choices. 

Thanks for visiting

My work in breif

I am a photographer and not a writer so it will be, as you may have guessed by now my blog will  mainly be made up of images and not 1000's of words of random goings on or what I am up to every day. As well as posting images for those of you who are looking for suppliers or even venues, I plan to make it as informative as possible, with information on a selection of venues I have visited and suppliers I have met.

Although based just outside Leominster in Herefordshire I cover  a wide area of the surrounding counties including Worcestershire, Shropshire, Powys, Monmouthshire, and Gloucestershire, although this is my primary patch I often work outside this area covering much of the UK including Birmingham Bristol and London as well as having worked in parts of mainland Europe.

My work is contemporary and creative, based on 20 years or more with a camera in my hand I have worked through Portraiture, Landscapes, Wildlife, Sport and Documentary Photography as a hobby, In 1998 I started my career as a professional photographer concentrating on Weddings and Portraiture.

As with any progression, based on previous experience I bring depth and detail to any new work I take on, and like to add a little something unique to each shoot.

If you would like to find out more about me please get in touch or go to


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