Thursday 2 October 2014

Jana and Daniel in the Czech Republic

I was lucky enough to be asked to travel to the beautiful location of Bukovec and Jablunkov in the Czeck Republic to Photograph Daniel and Jana's wedding in the summer.

Its a fabulous location in the countryside, surrounded by forest and hills up to 1000m, and it went up to a barmy 30c on the day.

As you can see from the pictures Czech weddings involve a lot of fun and well as serous moments, with everyone on each side of the family meeting for breakfast. Then the groom goes to his parents house to receive a blessing, just after all the guests (on his side of the family) have decorated their cars, then everyone moves to the brides house, were the groom is presented with multiple challenges, including a locked door, hidden key and 2 false brides, before the right bride is presented.

Both are blessed by both sets of parents, before the procession moves onto church for the service. occasionally being stopped by friends and children dressed up as Gypsies who demand money and alcohol before allowing the convoy to pass.

This continues all the way to the Ceremony venue, which included stopping the bus as the procession cars where not allowed to pass. Along with a little joke, as the groom is presented and dressed in a ball and chain, and horses Harness, for the bride to remove. Firmly setting him in place for married life. and finally a toast for the couple as he carries her over the threshold into the decorated room for the meal.

After the meal we went to a local park for the main Bride and Groom Pictures, followed by much dancing, games more jokes and plenty of free food and drink....

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