Monday 3 March 2014

Documentary Wedding Pictures

Documentary Wedding Pictures

A series of documentary style pictures, that I have chosen to show people at their wedding, and enjoying weddings without having to pose for all the pictures.

I am looking to capture moments in time which give you a narrative and view into that split second in time, good, funny, emotional relexed, sad and sometimes even hilarious and at someones expense, but only sometimes........

Stepping from the Church as a married woman.
First stroll in the garden at Homme House, Much Marcle
Signing the register at Bullinghope Church, Hereford
Bullinghope Church, Hereford
Alone for the first time all day, at How Caple Court, Herefordshire
A good old knees up.
The first dance at How Caple Court, Herefordshire
Chilling on the roof just before the car arrives. at Glewstone Court, Ross on Wye
A walk in the beautiful gardens at Brobury House
Looking on, Homme House
Suspense for a few minutes, Homme House
Homme House

Homme House

Walking to the Venue from Kingsland Church, Herefordshire
Is this the crocodile?? Kingsland

Stepping up,  St Weonards Church, Garway, Orcop, Herefordshire.
Garway Orcop
The Garden House/Folly, Homme house,

Signing the register, Almley Church
Coming down to the meal, Whitney Court
Whitney Court
Guests get a chance to get a shot, Whitney Court
Everyone let loose time to party. Whitney Court
Looking through the window, during the first dance.

Come on!!! Adults!
Getting just perfect. at Glewstone Court, Ross on Wye
Glewstone Court, Ross on Wye

Glewstone Court, Ross on Wye
Look at ME!  Glewstone Court, Ross on Wye
Missing the showers in December at Hartpury Church Glos.

Why? Girls?
Stepping of the train at Nr Swanage, Dorset

Father of the groom, Allt Yr Ynys Hotel
Allt Yr Ynys Hotel - Cheers

Allt Yr Ynys Hotel

Following images from The Priory Hotel, Hereford 

The Priory Hereford, fist dance and guests mingling in October, some of my favorite Documentary images from a small intimate venue. 

First steps with rings on! Holmer church Hereford,

Following Images, at home in Malvern,  St Stephens Church, Worcester and Homme House Herefordshire.

The Green Man, fownhope

Looking on I have done my bit.
Thank you, Mum
Does this fit?
When will the speeches be over, Sorry Folks.
My Brilliant sisters and brides maid/s
Sorry its just make up.
What do you think this way round?
Come on baby. Mine's a Red.
Properly funny,
My name is Adam, just in case i drink too much.

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